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Frequently Asked Questions

Does owning a fryer make sense?

A fryer makes sense if you eat and enjoy fried food at restaurants and would now like to cook this food at home. You can use the fryer regularly since it takes little storage space and is not generally expensive. Consider how often you would use a deep fryer. Once a month or more? Go for it! If the fryer will be used less than once a month, then perhaps it is not worthwhile.

What size fryer do I need?

5-7 persons from 2.75 - 3.75 lb.
5-7 persons from 2.75 - 3.75 lb.

3-4 persons 1.65 - 2.2 lb.
3-4 persons 1.65 - 2.2 lb.

1-2 persons .55 - 1.1 lb.
1-2 persons .55 - 1.1 lb.

Home fryers range in size from .5 to 3.75 lb. The size of your perfect fryer depends on what is being fried. A whole meal, or just the side dish (fries)? If you want to prepare only french fries, it will be easier. Most people consume about .5 lb. of fries. Multiply the number of people by .5 lb. For 2 people, a capacity of 1 lb. would be perfect. For 6 people, 3 lb. and so on. As fresh fries need about 16 minutes, it takes a long time to cook a second batch. So you may want to consider serving smaller portions the first time around and directly cook another one. Our experience tells that you should multiply the number of diners by .5 lb. and if you have visitors you are going to have enough by follow-up cooking.

If you want to prepare an entire meal, for example, chicken nuggets and fries, the calculation is more difficult. We would first prepare the fries. Then the chicken nuggets. Frozen Nuggets need only 3 minutes where homemade take about 9 minutes to be fully cooked. One usually eats more chicken nuggets than fries so adjust accordingly. Approximately .66 lb. per person. Calculate the best size fryer by the amount of fries being cooked as they take the longest time to cook.

Deep Fryer, Roto-Fryer or Hot Air Fryer?

Comparing classical deep fryers with roto-fryer and hot air fryers, you will find that all have different advantages and disadvantages. Below we describe the differences in taste, comfort, health, safety and cost.


Classic Deep Fryer

The classic deep fryer uses a lot of oil or fat. The fried food is swimming in fat. The taste and the price is good for this type of fryer. Unfortunately, the large amount of oil is unhealthy. In addition, these fryers are relatively dangerous. Fat is heated up to 355° F. If the fryer is not well insulated, or tips over, it can cause very serious burns! In addition to cleaning the fryer, draining and cooling the oil is necessary so the classic deep fryer does not score high for comfort.


Rotating fryers are only half filled with oil. The basket is anchored at an angle and turns the food to be fried by the hot oil. This produces a crispier product compared to other fryers. So it scores high in regards to taste. By using half the oil of Deep Fryers, foods prepared in a Roto-Fryer are not quite as unhealthy. These fryers are reasonably priced. Unfortunately, they do not score high for comfort, because you have the used oil to manage and cleaning as with the classic deep fryers. By using less oil this type of fryer is somewhat more secure than the traditional deep fryer. But the risk of poor thermal insulation and tipping is also there. Roto-fryers are only produced by the Italian manufacturer DeLonghi.

Hot Air Fryer

Hot air fryers use very little oil. Hot air flows around the food to be fried. The advantage of these devices is the healthy method of cooking the food. In addition, they are very safe and have a high comfort level. These are more expensive and take longer to cook. The taste of the food is better than from the oven, still not as good as with other fryers. For those interested, we have created a detailed article on the subject of hot air fryers.

Which one is the best manufacturer?

The manufacturer is really important as it comes to fryers, we suggest one from a trusted manufacturer. The most popular are:



Founded in 1956 in France, more precisely Sarcelles . During this time Tefal was the only manufacturer of pans with Teflon non-stick coating. Since then Tefal has built a high-quality line of products for the kitchen. Show all Tefal deep fryers


Was founded in 1902 in Italy. They provide high-quality household appliances. DeLonghi is the only manufacturer of roto-fryers. More information about DeLonghi






Buying Criteria

On the one hand you have 4 rated properties which are important for the daily use of your fryer (odor, quality, cleaning-effort, and handling). On the other hand you will find many additional features, which will be explained in the following:


Fryers use air filters to decrease the cooking odors. Some filters work better than others. Think about whether you want to use the fryer outdoors or indoors.


Here the complexity involved in cleaning the fryer is estimated. The simplest cleaning system earns the highest grade.

Cold Zone

Cold zone fryers divide the oil into two zones. The above zone contains hot oil, the lower zone has cold oil. If a piece of fried food escapes from the basket and falls to the bottom of the fryer, it cools down in the lower cold zone. In fryers without cold zone the fallen piece of fried food burns and there is a possibility of cancer caused by acrylamide.

Odor Filter

There are several different types of filters used to minimize the cooing odor. A less effective  method is the built-in metal filter. An active carbon filter is the best method, however, these must be replaced periodically (Every other year).

Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher safe fryers can be cleaned conveniently in the dishwasher.

Rotating Basket

Fryers with a rotating basket consume less oil, since the basket rotates at an angle. It only covers part of the food to be fried with oil, then turns the food so the rest can be covered with oil and fried. This deep-fry method will produce crispier food.

Height Adjustable Basket

With this option, you can lock the basket at different heights. If you want to use a little oil/fat in the fryer or drain the fried food in the basket after frying.

Retractable Cable

Similar to what you see on vacuum cleaners - some fryers are equipped with a retractable cable. This will save some space when the unit gets stored.

Temperature Light

An indicator light that lets you know when the oil has reached the desired temperature.


The quality of the fryer gets rated. It shouldn’t have any processing error and should last as long as possible.


Here, the ease of operation is evaluated. If a potential problem exists with the fryer, for example a clamping knob not holding or similar issue there is deduction in the score.


An integrated timer functions in most fryers as a simple egg timer.

Hinged Lid

A hinged lid increases safety of the fryer. You usually have a button that opens the lid automatically which makes touching or handling a hot lid unnecessary.

Oil Drainage

The oil drain hose simplifies the cleaning process enormously. After using the fryer, you can drain the oil through the hose into a container. A fryers without a hose means you will have to turn the entire unit upside down. This can be very messy.

Viewing Window

A viewing window allows you to observe the frying. These windows usually don’t work very well. They often fog up, preventing you from seeing inside. Tip: Rub the inside of the window with oil. This prevents the formation of drops of condensed water.


You can adjust the heat of the oil/fat, usually with a rotary dial or sliding controller.

Oil Filtration System

A built-in oil filtering system helps clean up the used oil. The small particles would burn the next time the fryer is used and spoil the oil. Very important for the filtration is the fine porosity of the filter.

Two Baskets

A fryer with two baskets is useful if you want to prepare two fried foods simultaneously, for example, sweet and savory. The temperature of the two zones is usually regulated separately.



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