T-fal deep fryers - from a hobby to major corporate

Today, T-fal is represented in almost every kitchen. Whether it’s fryers, frying pans, toasters or blenders - The name, “T-fal" represents ease of use and constant innovation. The T-fal company enjoys a large base of satisfied customers.

T-fal deep fryer families

The most popular T-fal fryers can be divided into the following categories:


Actifry is the hot-air family of T-fal. The frying uses circulating hot air. Actifry fryers are currently the most popular hot air fryers.

Pro Inox & Design

This product family includes a dual zone, for the frying oil. Here any food that passes through the basket are deposited in the lower cold zone where they do not burn.


The classic deep fryer by T-fal without frills.


Tefal has a one-year warranty from date of purchase. For more on guarantee and warranty visit the Tefal guarantee website.


Teflon was discovered by accident in 1938 by a scientist at DuPont named Dr. Roy Plunkett.
Plunkett was trying to come up with a better coolant gas. He left a batch of gas overnight in a container. When he returned to work the next day, the container was filled with a slippery solid that was not effected by corrosive chemicals.

The chemical name of this substance was tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a solid version of fluorocarbons or freon. Dr. Plunkett came up with the name - Teflon.

In the early 1950's, an engineer in Paris, Marc Gregoire, learned about Teflon and applied the material to his fishing tackle. His wife came up with the idea to apply it to pots and pans.

Gregoire successfully applied the Teflon to one of his wife’s frying pans. The word TeFal was created by combining the words TEFlon and Aluminum. In 1955 Marc Grégoire began manufacturing more pans at home along with his wife. In 1956 he founded T-fal and began manufacturing the coated pans and increased production to an industrial level.

In 1968, Groupe SEB, acquired the now very popular brand Tefal. Groupe SEB is one of the world's largest manufacturers of small household appliances.

Tefal is sold in over 120 countries and appreciated by many cooks and chefs worldwide. In many countries outside the United States, T-fal is also marketed as Tefal.


T-fal’s goal has always been to make essential, easy to use household items. The brand is driven by innovation, and the trend of the times.