DeLonghi deep fryers - superior Italian design

Founded in 1902, DeLonghi has delighted its customers with their elegantly designed, superior quality kitchen appliances for many decades now. They provide maximum ease of use, functionality and reliability. In particular, the modern fryers from DeLonghi are distinguished by unique features like Roto-Frying.

DeLonghi fryer families

DeLonghi fryers enjoy proven performance for their deep fryers, Roto-fryer and premium fryer models. All DeLonghi product families typically receive excellent ratings in tests and customer surveys. In most cases product reviews from various sources are very positive.

Roto deep fryer

The popular DeLonghi fryers with the RotoFry system feature a rotating frying basket that is mounted diagonally. This system provides low-fat frying, with 50 percent less oil needed. Roto-Fry fryers from DeLonghi have a stylish curved cool touch plastic body. The frying basket is removable, making the loading and unloading of the food easy and safe.

Premium-Fry dual zone deep fryer

The exclusive Premium Fry fryers from DeLonghi feature a cool touch stainless steel housing. They are equipped with a dual zone system, which is a cold zone at the bottom of the fryer. The frying oil in the cold zone has a lower temperature, which minimizes the formation of acrylamide. Also in the lid of the premium Fry fryers, there is an integrated filter and an extra large viewing window.

Standard deep fryer

The proven standard deep fryers from DeLonghi include their well thought out features. They have, for example, a viewing window through which you can view the frying progress without opening the lid. With an easy-to-use thermostat, temperatures can be adjusted individually depending on the type of food being fried. The odor filter is easy to replace and ensures that there is no accumulation of unpleasant odors.


DeLonghi gives its customers a one-year warranty from date of purchase, which covers full replacement of the unit. You can purchase two additional years of warranty coverage for $23.

Your DeLonghi fryer can be registered online at or call Customer Service at: 800 322-3848. You will need to keep your sales receipt since registration alone does not help with a warranty claim.

How it all began

In 1902 the DeLonghi family founded a small industrial parts company in Treviso, Italy in the Veneto region. At that time no one would have imagined that a gigantic appliances corporation would emerge out of this small business someday. In its early years DeLonghi mainly produces small, portable heaters. Over the decades, DeLonghi expanded gradually into manufacturing a variety of small household appliances, including fryers.

Ascent to the international conglomerate

DeLonghi incorporated in 1950. In the second half of the 20th century DeLonghi recorded significant growth in sales. In 2001 DeLonghi acquired the renowned British manufacturer of household appliances Kenwood Limited. In 2012 DeLonghi acquired the trademark rights to Braun, another renown manufacturer of household appliances.


DeLonghi has realized their vision of becoming a global market leader for small household appliances. To achieve this goal, DeLonghi concentrated on developing innovative devices of outstanding quality and superior ease of use. Much emphasis is placed on the distinctive design of DeLonghi equipment, which has become the trademark of the Italian manufacturer. 

DeLonghi pays attention to the regional and cultural characteristics of its markets and offers a wide range of DeLonghi products in various countries throughout the world. Those who opt-in for the high-quality household appliances by DeLonghi, are confident they have made an excellent choice.

Long before the modern concept of "sustainability" took hold, DeLonghi’s extraordinary quality allowed them to build a global base of satisfied customers. They offer the consumer comfort, because they can be operated intuitively. They are built in compliance with ecological principles. Their devices use selected materials made with care and meet high quality standards. For these reasons it is no wonder that DeLonghi Fryers are sold all over the world and recognized as a value. With proper care DeLonghi equipment will provide faithful service over many years.

Award-winning Italian design

In general Italian design is internationally recognized and enjoys an excellent reputation. DeLonghi uniquely combines elegance, originality and Mediterranean nonchalance and known for their stylish designs. This is confirmed by the many awards the designers of DeLonghi products have won for their first-class work. For example, the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2007.