Presto 05466 Deep Fryer

The Presto 05466 Dual Profry 12-cup Deep Fryer is a very functional fryer for the family and comes in at a reasonable price point. It lacks many of the features of higher priced fryers but ranks high for ease-of-use and quality of the fried food.

Pro & Contra

[plus] Dishwasher-safe
[plus] Removable pan

[minus] Lid has to be detached to dip the basket
[minus] Short powercord (2 ft.)
[minus] No hinged lid
[minus] No Timer

I recommend the Presto 05466 to all housholds with 5-7 persons



Lid and odor filter

This unit includes a charcoal filter. Replacement filters are available from Presto. The cover is not hinged and detaches from the unit. Also, there is no view window, which some may not find convenient.


The Presto 05466 does not include a timer, but this is a minor issue since an inexpensive stand alone times will work just as well.


The dual baskets allow you to cook two different items at the same time. A single large basket is available from Presto.


The food cooked in this fryer is nice and crisp with very little oily taste. This unit can be used as a steamer as well. It does not have an oil filtering system and the power cord is short at two feet.


We have heard some reviewers report that the temperature controller was not accurate and that 390° was actually 345°, but others have reported that the temperature controller was accurate and produced the correct temperature as it did for us when we tried it. It takes between 20-30 minutes for the oil to heat evenly. We found that it recovers temperature quickly upon adding ingredients. This is likely due to the fryer having a large oil capacity and a powerful heating element.

Presto cautions to remove the cover when cooking high moisture foods like; potatoes or Brussel spouts to avoid the plastic on the cover from warping.

If you’re feeling guilty eating all this delicious fried food, remember that this fryer can be used as a steamer as well. Just use water instead of oil and place the food in the basket. Be sure there is no oil residue in the the pan or on the heating element before filling the pan with water.


Even though this fryer lacks some features that make for an easy cleanup like; an oil drainage system and oil filtration, this Deep Fryer is still easy to clean.

  • Let the oil cool
  • Remove the immersion heating element and wipe clean with mild soap and water (Do not submerge in water and do not place this piece in the dishwasher)
  • Use a strainer to filter out any food particles then pour the oil into an appropriate container and seal tightly.
  • Wash the pot, cover, and basket in soap and water (You can place these parts in the dishwasher after washing away the excess oil).


This fryer is a good value for the price. It is well made and should last for years with proper care.


Brand Presto
Construction Type Deep Fryer [info]
Product Family  
Household Size [info] 5-7 persons
Dual Zone [info] [false]
Timer [info] [false]
Thermostat [info] [true]
Charcoal Odor Filter [info] [true]
Permanent Odor Filter [info] [false]
Hinged Lid [info] [false]
Oil Drainage [info] [false]
Oil Filtration System [info] [false]
Dishwasher Safe [info] [true]
Viewing Window [info] [false]
Rotating Basket [info] [false]
Temperature Light [info] [true]
Retractable Cable [info] [false]
Two Baskets [info] [true]
Height Adjustable Basket [info] [true]


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