Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer 05442

The Presto Cool Daddy has been around for years and has been a popular model. It features an exterior handle that lowers food into the oil with the cover closed to prevent spattering. Removable pot with nonstick cooking surface. Six-serving capacity in a compact-size deep fryer. Adjustable thermostat. Presto's *CoolDaddy* cool-touch deep fryer operates on 120 volts AC with 1500 watts.

Pro & Contra

[plus] Hinged handle
[plus] Lockable lid

[minus] Excessive hinge of lid
[minus] Low oil temperature
[minus] Long oil heating
[minus] No timer

I discourage buying the CoolDaddy 05442



The CoolDaddy 05422 has huge problems with oil temperature and the duration of the heating process. As this causes bad tasting, oil bloated food, it is not a good fryer at all.

Lid and odor filter

This fryer includes a mesh charcoal filter. Replacement charcoal filters available from Presto. The lid is removable and hinged. The lid is spring loaded, therefore use caution when releasing the latch. It features an extra large viewing window in the lid.


The Presto 05422 does not include a timer, but this is a minor issue since an inexpensive stand alone times will work just as well.


The single basket has small holes for effective draining keep small pieces in the basket. This model allows you to lower the basket with the lid closed.


The manufacturer states this fryer heats up fast with an operating temperature range of 250 to 375 degrees F. However we have seen many reports that indicate inaccurate or inadequate oil temperature. The Presto manual says it takes 12 minutes for new oil to heart up, but tests show it took as long as 30 minutes.


The Presto Cool Daddy features an adjustable thermostat with signal light that indicates when oil is ready for frying. Being able to lower the basket into hot oil with lid closed is a plus and prevent hot oil from splattering. The heating element is below the pan and does not come in contact with the oil. It includes a magnetic cord. This unit does not have an oil filtering or drainage system.


Even though this fryer lacks some features that make for an easy cleanup like; an oil drainage system and oil filtration, this Deep Fryer is still easy to clean.

  • Let the oil cool
  • Use a strainer to filter out any food particles then pour the oil into an appropriate container and seal tightly.
  • Wash the pot, cover, and basket in soap and water. You can place the basket in the dishwasher but all other parts should be washed by hand.
  • Never immerse the base unit in water.


Based on the many reviews we’ve seen this fryer is a marginal value for the price. This is mostly due to reports of oil not heating adequately.


Brand Presto
Construction Type Deep Fryer [info]
Product Family  
Household Size [info] 3-4 persons
Dual Zone [info] [false]
Timer [info] [false]
Thermostat [info] [true]
Charcoal Odor Filter [info] [true]
Permanent Odor Filter [info] [false]
Hinged Lid [info] [true]
Oil Drainage [info] [false]
Oil Filtration System [info] [false]
Dishwasher Safe [info] [false]
Viewing Window [info] [true]
Rotating Basket [info] [false]
Temperature Light [info] [true]
Retractable Cable [info] [false]
Two Baskets [info] [false]
Height Adjustable Basket [info] [true]


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